Anonymous shared the video from their YouTube channel and ended the recording with ‘We are Anonymous. We are Legion. Expect us’. The video got over two million views.

Anonymous group has conveyed through the video that the reputation enjoyed by Elon Musk is not deserved by him and added their viewpoints through the video. They have conveyed that the public image that he had been carefully creating has been removed and people have begun to see him as a narcissistic rich dude who is an attention seeker.

They have added that the hunt for saving humanity which is proclaimed by Elon Musk is Naïve and not an actual concern he holds for the humanity. The group has shown the videos of his workers claiming that they have faced certain conditions under him for years which are intolerable and also added that he has children working on his lithium mines. They added that the lithium mines are also harmful to the environment and it damages the environment.

Diogo and his guest Akashic Daddy react to this news above.


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