Today we are joined by Canadian BJJ Black belt, Drew Weatherhead. Drew is the host of the Social Disorder Podcast, a podcast that goes deep into the dangerous topics we aren’t allowed to talk about on Social Platforms. His most recent interview was with Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most published Cardiologists in history. Drew also runs one of the largest BJJ Instagram pages on the platform called Because_JiuJitsu, which has over 170K followers.   
We begin by discussing a large jiujitsu match that is coming up between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena before we delve into the tyrannical country that is Canada right now where the UnJabbed is still unable to travel, further gun laws have been implemented, and much, much more!

I appreciate and thank Drew for being vulnerable and opening up about the loss of his academy and having to pack his family of 6 into an RV to flee his state during heavy restrictions on unvaxxed Canadians. His story is one of will and overcoming. He has my utmost respect and I’m sure he will have yours after this episode. 
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FULL VIDEO: (Audio Only)



(0:00) – Canadian Gun Law Snippet.
(2:07) – Introduction.
(4:10) – Is Gordon Ryan the greatest no-gi Grappler of all time.
(10:31) – Packing a family of 6 into an RV and fleeing Canada.
(15:16) – Loanoptions.ai Segment.
(17:00) – Leaving everything and becoming a digital nomad. 
(18:00) – The right/Left dicotami of Canada.
(28:29) – Mass Psychosis.
(32:12) – Gun Control in Canada.
(46:02) – Starting the Social Disorder Podcast.
(56:45) – Canadian Trucks and what exactly happened.
(1:10:49) – Interviewing Dr Peter Mccollough.
(1:14:26) – Outro.

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