ep100: Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Slavin, is a distinguished and highly influential Rabbi in the city of Sydney, Australia. In this milestone episode of the FIVE8 PODCAST we take a unique opportunity to delve into the multifaceted world of Rabbi Dr. Slavin, where we explore his outstanding philanthropic work, particularly his involvement with the transformative “Our Big Kitchen” initiative, and we get to see a side of him that usually is not seen to the Public. This begins when we discuss the Israel vs Palestine conflict.

With “Our Big Kitchen,” Rabbi Dr. Slavin embodies the principles of compassion, unity, and tangible impact in a community-driven effort that has touched the lives of countless individuals. This philanthropic endeavor stands as a shining example of the positive change that can be brought about when a dedicated individual combines their vision with action.

In this episode, you will get an understanding of the history of OBK as well as the history of Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin himself. Emerging from the city of New York and settling in Sydney Australia however, the conversation doesn’t stop there. In this engaging episode, we take a deep dive into one of the most intricate global conflicts of our time – the Palestine versus Israel conflict.

Rabbi Slavin really opens up about his thoughts and the heartbreak of having a very close young family be killed in the conflict. Something that I didn’t expect or know when initially beginning this interview. His commitment to promoting dialogue, empathy, and reconciliation serves as an inspiration, urging us to seek common ground and foster a more inclusive and harmonious world via the democratic process.

Join us in this landmark 100th episode as we explore the remarkable life and work of Rabbi Dr. Dovid Slavin, a true luminary who, through his dedication to philanthropy, ignites a spark of hope and inspiration in our ever-evolving world.

(0:00) – Introduction Presented by Loanoptions.ai
(3:33) – Episode Starts – The Story of Our Big Kitch explained by Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin
(7:25) – Why has Our Big Kitchen been so successful?
(13:39) – Why do Australian Prime Ministerss attend the Kitchen?
(15:22) – Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin’s Thoughts on Israel VS Palestine Conflict
(20:59) – Queers for Palestine
(22:30) – History of Israel
(32:20) – What are the Hobbies of a Rabbi?
(37:10) – How do you maximize time for productivity?
(40:00) – Programs that Our Big Kitchen Runs

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