TF8T ep#90: Elvis Sinosic (Australia’s First UFC Fighter)

Today we are joined by Australian combat sports royalty Elvis Sinosic. Elvis is a fourth-degree Black Belt, He is the Owner of Sydney’s Kings Academy along with UFC Gym Macartha square and is the national Grader for the UFC GYM Franchise. He was the first Australian To Compete in the UFC back at UFC 30. He was the first to execute a Heel Hook at the inaugural ADCC. He was the first to use a GoGoPlata submission in MMA, and along with many more incredible achievements, He has now thrown his hat into the political ring as the Candidate for Blaxland under the United Australian Party at the Next election – Something we break down later in the episode.

We begin by discussing the history of how Brazilian JiuJitsu and MMA got started in Australia, followed by a deeper analysis of why Elvis decided to fight, what drove him, and how he controlled his nerves. There are so many amazing conversations to get through within this great episode but if like MMA, BJJ, Understanding how to control nerves, time management, the history of combat sports in Australia from a legend of the sport then this episode is definitely for you! 
It was an honour to sit with Elvis and I hope you enjoy the episode. 

There are some time stamps below.
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Facebook – UAP Candidate PAGE


(0:00) – Introduction.
(10:33) The beginning of MMA & BJJ Stripes in Australia.(16:35) Elvis Sinosic breaks down why he fought, how to control pre-fight nerves and Australia vs Brazilian BJJ in the beginning 
 (25:29) Elvis Sinosic gives his thoughts on heel hooks and the development of Brazilian JiuJitsu
 (30:27) Elvis Sinosic discusses pulling off the First Leg Lock in ADCC History!
 (33:58) Elvis Sinosic discusses being the first person to do a GoGoPlata in MMA History (42:18) Meeting John Danaher and “The DeadElvis” bjj move
 (44:52) How Elvis Sinosic signed with the UFC before UFC was bought by Zuffa.(1:11:35) What made Elvis Sinosic turn to Politics and run as a candidate for the UAP.(1:29:09) Elvis Sinosic’s thoughts on Craig Kelly and the United Australian Party(1:35:12) Elvis Sinosic’s thoughts on the Canberra Freedom Protests
 (1:35:52) Elvis Sinosic Top 5 fighters of all time & Who would win between GSP vs Khabib

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