EP#92: Matt Blackham (Ancestral Nutrition Founder)

Matt is the CEO and Founder of Ancestral Nutrition, an Australian-based Primal Nutrition company nourishing nose-to-tail nutrition to support energy, immunity & vitality. All of their products are ethically sourced from Tasmanian grass-fed cows. In this episode, we dive into how Matt got started, the benefits of beef liver, and advice that Matt has for other small business owners.



(0:00) – Why aren’t there many top-quality organ products readily available in Australia?
(0:31) – Introduction to the episode and Matt Blackham, CEO of Ancestral Nutrition.
(4:05) – How did Matt Blackham start Ancestral Nutrition?
(13:29) – Did Matt Blackham eat organs before creating Ancestral Nutrition?
(16:02) – Why does Ancestral Nutrition use Tasmanian sourced Beef?
(26:08) – The Taboo of Western Culture and Organ eating
(40:41) – Matt Blackham discusses listening to THE FIVE8 TAKE himself, his philosophy & if he is religious.
(56:45) – Matt Blackham discusses why the Female product of Ancestral Nutrition has Heart &. Kidney mix where the Male is 100% Beef Liver.
(58:46) – Can Pregnant women eat Beef Liver?
(1:02:23) – Business Advice from Matt Blackham the CEO of Ancestral Nutrition.
(1:06:44) – Outro.

Books MentionedEating Ourselves Sick by Louise Stephen.
ProductBeef Liver Capsules.

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