Matthew has spent his last 17 years scaling small companies and start-ups into differentiated businesses across different sectors and organisational types. He has developed and implemented strategic sales, marketing, and operating models that prioritise the customer, improve productivity, and drive new ways of working.Most recently Matt has created the Discernible.io platform. A Media studio based out of Melbourne that trades in the most valuable commodity of all… trust. 

Matt has broken a lot of stories in Melbourne via his Dicernable podcast and has now also launched a news show to compete with Mainstream Media called ‘The People’s Project’, in which he holds a diverse panel discussing current events.In this experience we break down the Melbourne Election, It’s Political landscape, we touch on great Philosophers that have come before us, we touch on Robot’s and the future of humans, followed by two ultimate questions that are the staples of this podcast… How do we escape the Matrix? – The mundane 9-5. And what is Matthew Wong’s advice for young Men today?

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TIMESTAMP: 0:00 – Introduction
2:26 – The outcome of the Melbourne Election
6:45 – Loanoptions.ai/five8
8:14 – The voters outlook of Daniel Andrews
19:50 – How did Dicernable get started?
26:21 – Discussing Philosophy with Matt Wong
33:45 – Will the Robots take over
40:06 – Americanisation of Politics in Australia
45:10 – How Political parties can speak to everyday Australians
48:59 – Matt Wong gives his thoughts on Climate Change
52:10 – Matt Wong’s favourite Discernable interviews!
58:17 – How do you exit the Matrix? (Escaping your 9-5 job cycle)
1:03:58 – Matt Wong’s advice for young men
1:08:06 – OutroInquiries: thefive8take@gmail.com

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