Today we have a special guest by the name of MILL GATES. She has been an advocate for human rights since 2015, appearing in parliament to discuss the unacknowledged struggles of donor conceived people suppressed by our media. She quickly realised the government was using gay marriage as a distraction to push through the Bio Security Act which severely limits our freedom today, and has been heavily involved in the Victorian resistance to tyranny. She is passionate about media and government corruption, social conditioning and the importance of familial bonds which we will further break down in this episode. 

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(01:06) – into to Milly Gates

(01:50) – quick chat about chookas podcast (Sam Cosentino)

(03:20) – Milie’s activism in Melbourne

(06:00) – Chadstane the musical the song they sang in the protest in Melbourne

(08:45) – the Covid Narative 

(09:15) – Common Sense vs Set Script

(09:40) – How Milly became an Activism 

(11:00) – lobbying the government regarding gay marriage and how it impacts the kids 

(12:00) – how access to their biological parent is an important part of society

(13:30) – Media painting their dishonest Narative 

(16:30) – how Mily met her biological father

(17:00) – what health family breakdown looks like

(18:30) – not having a father or a parent in life and how that effect us

(20:00) – the classic family structure vs sperm donation family

(23:40) – gay pride interfering with Children 

(25:00) – gay/lesbian/trans issue in the world

(27:20) – what does EQUALITY really means when children are involved 

(32:00) – how Milli had to confront her parents

(39:00) – Pedephiles and their leakages to homosexual 

(40:00) – Genetic deficient that leads to a Pedephilier 

(43:00) – pedephile in our society

(47:30) – Pronouns and the issues

(48:30) – parents supporting their trans children through Hormones drugs 

(50:40) – Milly being a conservative 

(54:00) – about Melbourne being in shambles 

(54:30) – AUSTRALIAN CULTURE, what it means

(58:00) – Asch Experiment

(01:02:30) – Their protest as lockdown set in Melbourne

(01:05:00) – the stance against police and how they treat the citizen

(01:09:00) – What “Milly Gates” world look like

(01:13:00) – Millies beef with Taylor Winterstein 

(01:20:15) – Squashing a Bec between Taylor and Milly

(01:29:00) – DIGITAL STREETS

(01:30:00) – 1)

(01:38:20) – 2)

(01:59:00) – 3)

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