Pfizer signs a whole new roaster of lame celebrities

First, it was Martha Stewart who sold her leftover soul to sell some big pharma product via an advert to her leftover fans. For the life of me, I still don’t understand how pharmaceutical companies can advertise their products. In the real world, people should go to a doctor and get a prescription from a professional for the issue that they have. That’s it. To me, there shouldn’t be ANY psychological marketing to get someone to take something, ever.

Anyways, in saying that. Pfizer has now signed on four more celebrities who are at “high risk” for developing severe Covid-19 symptoms. One of the symptoms… Depression.

The ad, titled “A Whole Different Ball Game,” urges viewers to know their risk factors, make a plan and if they test positive, seek an oral treatment.

“If this were the real Covid-19, I would be in real trouble because I have asthma,” singer-songwriter Pink says as she holds a red spiky ball made to look like the novel coronavirus. “And I have depression,” retired Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps says as he catches and tosses the ball.

How absolutely ridiculous does that sound but it’s real!

The world we live in.

Not only is this ridiculous. THIS IS A WHOLE CAMPAIGN called ‘Know Plan Go

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