TF8T ep#023 – Chris D’Elia allegations

In June 2020 the LA TIMES wrote, what seemed to be, a hit piece on Chris D’Elia at the time. The article showed the account of two women who claimed that Chris D’Elia was soliciting underage girls, one in 2011 and one in 2018, with their stories detailed also in a report on

After the original accusations surfaced in June on social media and in a subsequent Los Angeles Times report, CAA dropped the actor-comedian as a client. He also was let go by management company 3 Arts Entertainment. Netflix, meanwhile, scrapped an upcoming unscripted prank show in which D’Elia was featured.

CNN’s report, published Tuesday and updated today, included actress Megan Drust recounting an alleged incident in 2011, when D’Elia asked Drust for a ride home from a Los Angeles restaurant where she had gone to meet him and a friend. She said D’Elia exposed himself to her when they got in her car. She exited the vehicle when she said he began to masturbate.

“I get out and I have the door open and I walk out into the street and I’m saying, ‘Why are you doing this?’ And I remember saying, ‘You’re defiling my car.’ I didn’t want to make him mad or upset because you’re in survival mode, you know?” Drust told CNN. “He climaxed in his pants and then he zipped everything up, and I said, ‘What’s wrong with you?’”

One woman said to CNN.

A second woman, who asked not to be identified, told CNN she was working as an overnight manager in a Cleveland hotel where D’Elia was staying in March 2018. She says he rang the front desk around midnight to request assistance with a faulty air conditioner in his room. When the woman, who was then 24, went to the room to help, she said D’Elia answered the door naked. She immediately left.

Since Chris D’Elia was Diogo‘s favourite comedian and, as put within the podcast episode, helped him start up the podcast in the first place. Diogo decided to dedicate the above episode to the whole incident and go through all the tweets and allegations that have come out.

Chris still has not been convicted of any crimes and has since released his own emails

Along with this Statement to TMZ

The comedian tells TMZ … “I know I have said and done things that might have offended people during my career, but I have never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point.” Chris goes on to say, “All of my relationships have been both legal and consensual and I have never met or exchanged any inappropriate photos with the people who have tweeted about me.”

He finishes by saying, “That being said, I really am truly sorry. I was a dumb guy who ABSOLUTELY let myself get caught up in my lifestyle. That’s MY fault. I own it. I’ve been reflecting on this for some time now and I promise I will continue to do better.”

We broke down this entire piece in this episode. Hope you enjoyed…

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