TF8T EP65: SAM HAFT (Director of Sydney Actors Association)

Today we are joined by a special guest by the name of SAM HAFT. Sam is an actor, writer and teacher as well as the founding director at the Sydney Actors Association. He is passionate about “all things arts with a dash of science and a liberal sprinkling of common sense”. He likes travelling, composing, playing music and is not necessarily a Biden supporter but believes anything other than Trump is at least a bonus.

Episode 65: ft Sam Haft

00:00:00- SSA and introduction
00:05:00 – Sam Haft explains how he got into Acting
00:07:00 – when did Love of Film. And acting plus
00:10:30 – Acting being an art form the accepts
00:11:30 – Are actors confident
00:12:30 – do actors like watching their own work
00:14:20 – Being a perfectionist as an actor
00:15:20 – Are all actors left wing?
00:17:20 – a healthy left is naturing
00:18:10 – are you a Biden supporter
00:18:40 – Why is there a huge hate on Trump
00:20:00 – Taming Toxic people by David Gillespie (trump). Explaining the correlation between the book and trump
00:21:21 – if you have a figure head you should have someone who leads by example
00:23:10 – Why do you think about Biden running for President 4 times through a huge financial backing
00:24:30 – Biden is the first president who’s had that much backing
00:25:00 – what drew you to Biden amongst the other option?
00:27:30 – Trump played the media
00:30:30 – Trump winning an award in 1986
00:32:27 – comparison between the character of Trump and Biden
00:33:10 – Biden saying he will go hard on Suadia Arabia
00:34:30 – Trump was inciting war inside of America even though he wasn’t focusing on war outside of America
00:36:35 – Minorities supporting Trump
00:38: 10 – World Wide Web overwhelming people and people missing the point of life
00:40:14 – Biden lesser of two evils
00:41:20 – moving away from the nasty
00:42:00 – Trump pointing the finger like its a playgound
00:42:43 – Underlying toxic vibe going under things trump did
00:43:58 – matching good and bad of a person does
00:44:52 – Trump holding a bible using religion for political gain
00:46:02 – why Biden is not great leader
00:48:20 – conforming is right wing
00:49:13 – we should have good quality of life
00:50: 08 – Trump most popular voted president and Biden the most poplar person
00:54:15 – recklessness by Trump during his terms
00:55:05 – trump was acquitted of the capital being stormed
00:56:43 – does the masks work and trump conducting rallies
00:57:50 – “Biff was based on trump”
00:58:44 – Ideal world Jacinta (NZ PM) being the President
00:59:15 – Morgan freeman
01:00:22 – is covid real
01:01:05 – Lockdown that was the wake up call that the COVID was real
01:02:10 – linking how cities are built and how these days they don’t create amazing structures anymore’
01:02:50 – building now days are built to take energy away
01:03:56 – COVID lockdown and the rat race slowing down
01:05:03 – time taking away for us was detrimental for a period
01:05:30 – something beautiful about catching our breath during the lockdown
01:07:15 – Don’t see trump on FB because he is band Digital Streets:
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