TF8T ep#81: Ros Nealon-Cook (Psychologist of 15 years who spoke out in Viral Video)

Today we are joined by Ros Nealon-Cook, a former Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, a licensed Medicare provider, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, HeartMath Certified Health Professional, and founder of Integrated Kids.

She has over 15 years of experience working with children, youth, and their families in a variety of settings including private practice, schools, and non-profits. Being qualified in both Psychology & Functional Medicine enables me to work with clients from a fully integrated perspective, considering all the aspects of a young person’s life which fit together like a puzzle that makes up their mental health.

Recently Ros went viral with a video calling out against the Lockdowns that took place in Australia. Stating that it has been terrible for mental health as well as a range of other things which she discusses in this episode. Due to this video the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory
Authority (AHPRA) has pulled her license from her and essentially stopped her from doing what she loves, and what she is good at.

This episode was recorded on the week of her hearing so we have held off posting it until the hearing was over. I hope you enjoy.





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TIME STAMP:0:00 – Intro
(5:50) – Ros Nealon-Cook’s Backgorund
(7:30) – The rise of auto immune conditions and allergies in children
(17:30) Career & educational history
(23:30) Psychiatry vs psychology 
(32:30) Differential susceptibility 
(36:30) Child development from conception
(38:30) Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic nervous system
(44:30) Top psychologists poached to different industries
(49:30) Social media’s and technology’s psychological impact
(56:00) Different personality disorders linked to attachment theory
– Validation of emotion and regulation of emotion
– Pre-natal depression and post-natal depression
– Current health crisis, restrictions
– Wrote letters to professional health bodies and the response
– Censorship- Summary of the video
– Response / reaction to video
(1:30:00) – Ros Nealon-Cook’s New Project: A Collective group made up of different mental health professionals

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